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At Dentistry of Gilbert, it’s important for us to provide exceptional care while listening to our patients. We want you to understand your oral health and what makes your smile unique. We instill confidence in our patients by providing education and exceptional oral health care with a gentle touch.

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Get To Know Dr. Shelton Chow

Dr. Chow grew up on the West Coast, spending his childhood in San Francisco and then moving down to Nogales, Mexico at 13. He crossed into the US everyday to attend school, and after breaking a tooth during his sophomore year of high school, he ended up spending the next 2 years in and out of the dentist's chair. During this time, he developed an appreciation for the importance and value of oral health care. He realized that the precision of the dentistry combined with the ability to take care of people and build meaningful relationships was the perfect profession for him.

Dr. Chow received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Chinese at the University of Arizona. He then attended the UCLA School of Dentistry where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He has been practicing for almost 15 years, with extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of general dentistry.

When Dr. Chow isn’t working with patients, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. They love watching movies and traveling to new destinations together. His hobbies include playing basketball and collecting all things sports-related!

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Meet The Gilbert Team

Our dynamic team enjoys working together to support our patient community. From cleanings to scheduling, you can count on our hardworking team members to be here when you need them. Our staff upholds standards of honesty, integrity and providing the best service to our patients. At Dentistry of Gilbert, we treat you the same way we would want our own family members to be treated!

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Front Desk Coordinator/Dental Assistant
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Dental Assistant
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What Happens At Your First Appointment?

At your first appointment our staff will provide a tour of our office so you can get familiar with the space and amenities. From there, we will make sure we have all of your new patient forms filled out before a hygienist brings you back to a treatment room. We will make sure to go through your dental and medical history, as well as answering any questions before we get started. Dr. Chow will perform an exam, and update your x-rays as needed. We will determine the health of your gums and find out what type of cleaning will be best for you. Dr. Chow will also make recommendations for future treatments. You can take this time to get to know him and ask any other questions you might have. From there, we can get you signed up for our membership plan and/or set up your next preventive care appointment and any additional appointments you might need!

Your Comfort Is Key

Patient Technology

Life is busy, and while we want your time spent with us to be relaxing, we understand if you need to get caught up on things too. We offer complimentary WiFi for patients as well as in-office tablets for your use and entertainment. We all need a little distraction sometimes!


Sit back and relax with your favorite beverage! We offer refreshments for before and after your appointment so you don’t have to beeline it to the nearest coffee shop. You’re welcome to enjoy something on your way in or out of the office (or both!) to sweeten your experience.

Gentle Dentistry

A thorough cleaning is important for your oral health, but it doesn’t need to be done with uncomfortable scraping and bleeding gums. Our approach is intentionally gentle — we are a judgment-free office when it comes to your smile. Wherever you are in your dental journey, we’re here to empower you to take charge of your smile and to maintain its health for the long run.

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Highlight Tools & Tech

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Our Commitment To Community

Dentistry Of Gilbert Gives Back

At Dentistry of Gilbert, it’s part of our mission to build a strong patient community. We can’t do this without taking the time outside of our everyday work to consider how we can give back. That’s why we partner with _______ each (year/month/season) to (raise/collect) donations for ________. Interested in learning more about _____ or how you can get involved? Ask any of our team members and we can get you connected and tell you more about our work!

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